For my Dad

July 7, 1999: My father suffered a heart attack at Camp Pico Blanco in the Big Sur area of California. It was the day my own journey with death and loss of life began. I was angry. I was 8 years old. I was selfish. It was darkness.

It was only with time, unconditional love of family, and finding comfort in the joy of our shared memories that I would be able to embrace the life-shaping experience and recognize that in the darkness, there is light. And importantly, in the sadness that you carry, there is also celebration that can come in many forms – a song, a photograph, a saying, a landmark, a car, a drink, a time of day – whether they evoke tears or a smile, your loved one lives on through everyday observances of their eternal presence in your heart.

The DL Company seeks to support intentional relationships with both the darkness and the light along an individual’s path with loss and grieving. While each person’s journey is unique, we honor the rituals, the laughter, the tears, the hardship, the beauty, the chaos, the anger, the bonds, the humor, the healing and every aspect of your experience with a loved one’s passing and your enduring connection with their memory thereafter. We understand how much this pivotal event is a part of you and believe that by embracing the journey, you may find comfort and strength in eternal love and unending celebration of life.


The DL Company offers professional services and personalized goods that embrace the experience of a loved one’s passing and inspire unending celebration of life.

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey.


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